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4 months ago I finally bought items from this company who has questionable issues ( news reports )

In 3 days I made 5 large orders totaling over$1000.00

( prices are excellent who could argue that )

BUT I have good faith belief the prices are reasonable for many reasons and its not in consumers benefit - I can only speak of my experience ( and its a lot )

The 1st of the 5 orders arrived packaged like untrained monkeys - purses hats clothes jewelry in ripped or otherwise broken zip lock baggies ~ hats purses smashed ( otherwise theyd have been EXCELLENT )

However ~ when shopping online sizing material and FIT are a MYSTERY ~ but TEMU states they have a 90 return but with TERMS people who BUY A LOT cant keep up or obtain ~ what good is a return and refund when TEMU makes it near impossible to get a refund for items that dont show up - damaged and not as advertised ~ the false advertising is unreal ~

For instance- anyone whos spent time on that app can see clothing is photo shopped on models -pasted on them like this in some instances ~

A blonde model with half her upper torso wearing a 1 piece jumper- the bottom model is African American ( clearly the African American feet and shins of the blonde model are 2 different people and the jumper is photoshopped over an upper half of one one and the bottom half of another |

this is MINIMAL in comparison with the thousands of dollars Ive spent at TEMU - I even bought stock in the company because a new company with these prices will prosper ~ right ?

Those 1st 5 orders I am still in dispute over return ( it is and was SO BAD I said the only way to fix their problem was reform EACH and EVERYTHING- this is because their APP is flawed ( I believe its on PURPOSE so youll have to argue for over 90 days and miss the rerun terms ) additionally ~ their terms are every item must be in same bag it came in ~ but those little cellophane and zip lock bags are ripped torn and defective ~ strike 1 off the bat -

You have to go to each individual item and pick between 15 or 20 different reasons youre returning-

Then you have to WRITE a novel WHY for each one in detail -

Then the app prompts if you want to return items from separate orders you can do so USING 1 ship label - to save $ and ease of return-


Ive screen shotted the process ! EACH STEP ~

You get 4 to 5 different print labels - despite the prompts clearly say you can combine all into 1 label ( its a LIE !


And when you order 50 to 100 items - to figure out WHICH item from WHAT order goes in a large box you have to get because anything you get from them is damaged boxes and youve already had to RIP the big oranger bag that housed your hats shoes purses and jewelry- remember their TERMS items must be returned in same bags and boxes they arrived !

Well- on all orders Ive RETURNED items in BETTER condition than they ARRIVED- keep reading the SCAM Ive. Even put through ~

The first 5 orders in 3 days I said Im sending everything back for a full refund- ( reason was ) when I returned a large portion due to their false advertising to include items in cart I didnt put there ( an executive I was able to talk to 4 months ago ( try to call that fake hotline # - well none have EVER answered it )

Sorry - back to the nightmare!

They claimed the warehouse didnt receive items back !

Bologna !!!

They are lying ! So I said Im returning every other item as all and give me back my $ 1,000.00

I had a dispute with my institution for it as well as I chatted with their app BOTS and 5 to 7 different online chat representatives!

NIGHTMARE DYSFUNCTION- I truly believe its a strategy to GET ITEMS BACK and RESTOCK their online app- and sell it again ( claim you didnt return items ) and I believe its worse ~

I talked to that lady executive in the beginning for months ago and she said please we are a new company and we understand that theres a lot of kinks in our process and within our app and the reason for the extra items in the cart that you dont notice when youre buying large amounts of things is because the app is very touchy. The little cart things just pop in there on their own, oh my my

So while I have a dispute with my financial institution and well every single item of the first five orders within three days of $1000 she tells me the warehouse is going to be looking for all those items and get back with me no one ever gets back with me.

Additionally, she told me at that time , dont give up on us give us another try order just a few items at a time

So while I am in the process of the dispute with my bank and them trying to find these items they claim are not returned, claiming their warehouse people have gone through the stuff and they cant find the items some of them they do some they dont believe me this is nefarious.

Keep in mind I have every incentive to want this company to thrive. I own stock in the company. TEMU stock ticker is PDD holdings Inc.

So after a few weeks still in the process of this dispute with nothing happening. Well their app shows up for sale.

You got a free gift. you know the deal, the constant in your face advertising things for like 90 some cents ! So I ordered a few items, and this few items like three seem to be OK and so with your constant advertising popping up on your screen things just very reasonable you start ordering more and more which I did to the tune of thousands of dollars more and like 29 different orders in four months large orders

At the present time in four months I am still battling having to send things back the app saying you can put it all into one print label from several orders but its not true theres four or five print labels so by the time you try to see what item goes with what order or print label because you know they have so many different numbers. It takes Einstein to figure out their app when you go to return add again I believe thats done on purpose so that they can string you along for that 90 days and then say oh well you missed your time to return the things

Presently I am in battle and dispute with this company that I have lived hours on the phone holding for that hotline.

You cant talk to anybody I have probably no less than 600 screenshots of chats with their BOTS and then like 5 to 7 different customer service people my email I cant find anything because there are thousands of emails from TEMU -

And its always the same thing will create a ticket for your items your return that they claim they never receive when the problem is, you can only put one print label the same print label on all your boxes even though they give you different print labels not because UPS You can only put one print label because theres no way to separate at all. Its like impossible to meet their terms to return things, so you do what you think you can you actually get your own boxes and you put the things nicer than what they delivered it to you And it all goes to that same warehouse in New Jersey you know that one anyone whos return knows its the same warehouse that it shipped from. Thats where it all goes back

Within the last month I found a contact number from them. It was from that executive.

I talked to in the very beginning and I have recorded hours and hours of phone calls with a rep that an executives gonna get back with me it never happens. at this present time, I have things from eight or nine different orders that I need to return part of it. I have already returned. Add again they say they didnt receive it.

I have no problem calling anyone there a LIAR - no problem at all. I dont know if customer service are trained to defer people who return items because thats the only reason you would need customer service. It would be you either didnt receive an item or youre trying to return it to get a refund thats the only thing you would call customer service for and that hotline number they never answer and the chat with the customer service that you have to go through one of the BOTS first and then you end up with 5 to 7 customer service reps with all different names and then at the end we are so sorry will create a ticket for you and then the same thing. The email comes back oh upon checking those famous words from third-party processors upon checking I hate that term upon checking and then upon further checking its the same thing the items were not found in the warehouse so logically I have told them if that warehouse did not receive all my boxes with that print label it would be so easy to track all my boxes because each box has the same print label on them so when a warehouse worker comes across a box with all these items the Postal Service, first of all, if it didnt get to that warehouse, it would return to sender with that print label that I have on there and not one time has one box been returned to me or to the UPS station where its dropped off to shipped that warehouse in New Jersey

So theres only one thing I can conclude and that is that its strategically done this way so they can re-stock their online app and resell and make two or three times money off of one item.

Theres no other way to explain it, unless the warehouse workers are stealing things, and starting them an online clothing or merchandise shop of their own, take take your pick because I live in a very small apartment, and I would not keep anything that I cant use and I have proof I have video I have got down to videotaping as I feel boxes and I need to return things as I go to prove that those things are in the box and then theres photos taken at the UPS station of every box and theres UPS receipts with the weight of the boxes for instance, one of several orders with that one print label when they say you can use one print label but they give you four or five so then they say oh we didnt receive the item. This is a game its a lie its a scam. Their products are not a scam. Granted they come wrinkled the clothes do they are so wrinkled and there is some quality issues with some things but a lot of things are very very nice and all it takes is a little steam iron to make it look incredible and youve saved a lot of money whats not damaged and what you do get

I have for four months been living on the phone trying to get my refunds but also I started a little side business and I get my supplies from there and so right now I have over $800 almost 900 sitting in a cart there.

They will not even let me buy it because they refunded an old heart of mine $49 back out of the thousands upon thousands that I spent There , yeah Im about to spit arsenal. I want my items I want to purchase more and theyre not letting me and Im not giving my refunds back. They owe me a lot of money and I see that they have a bunch of lawsuits so that doesnt look good for my stocks that I own in the company , this is so sad because otherwise they actually have to do have. I should say Im doing talk to text.

They have actually some nice products and its very reasonably priced but I believe theyre a scam because of the return policy its set to fail on purpose, and the proof is set up to fail. The proof is any time and piece of mail. Even a letter goes to someones address or a package goes to a shipping address and nobody can see where it belongs to. Well they would send it back to you but the problem is thats how they hooked you.

Thats the scam that print label goes to that warehouse so they get extra boxes of all your stuff and then they restock it and resell it because if you notice, if you ever go to order something thats low in stock, it says, and then it says oh its out of stock, but you can be notified because it usually restocks in a day or two. Theres the catch people who are returning items , theyre not getting refunds because they are restocking that app online and reselling thats how in the last 12 weeks the last quarter the reports of their profit was $8.6 billion and 12 short weeks weeks yes and they dont have any quality customer service? Its on purpose the customer service or nothing but an obstruction from you getting to return items or say you didnt get items that you ordered and paid for , this is very sad me because Ive spent thousands upon thousands of dollars there I cant get returns when I have returned items and I own stock in the company and I dont want to see it fail because I have Stock in the company again TEMU stock ticker PDD holdings Inc. I wish a journalist news reporter, legal counsel would contact me they would come to my apartment and have a field day.

This is a nightmare, a true nightmare, and it has caused me so much stress I do not even have words to explain it, so if you think this is a lot to write, just imagine just imagine.

I love a lot of their clothing ! But not everything is good so you can return it ( except their scam is - to resell ( saying you didnt return ! - and its the scam app saying you can get 1 print label for multiple returns ( its a LIE )

They are claiming so much profit because the scam print label tactic - and reselling items - so they make much more on any item when its sold several times ( ie ) shoes $20.00 sell them twice saying you didnt return and theyve doubled their money -

Over 250 million have downloaded their app - and they shop like crazy - imagine the $$$$$ with this return scam or not sending the items at all.

I just had an appointment with a physician yesterday and we talked about TEMU and he said wow yeah I know about that app.

He said Ive ordered stuff but he doesnt get stuff that he orders so he gave up. Thats the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

User's recommendation: Do not make large orders - you’ll never get refunded- read the scam.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Temu Pros: Price and choices.

Temu Cons: Refund policy is a scam set to fail.

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Low prices always suck you fish in like a giant vacuum cleaner hose. It's you who are being taken to the cleaners.


There is no basis for a libel suit . Where is your damage ? You will lose.

Kyler Qnf

what was the number?


This is so true I spent over £50 on an order I did not even receive and they refuse to refund me it is absolutely outrageous .


Who would make such a large first order from a site they admit they knew had some issues from what they had heard or read? Load of male cow mess if you ask me.

I have never had any problems with Temu but I use my common sense and certainly wouldnt order thousands worth. It is a well known 'fact' that folks who bring God into stuff like this are usually waffling so I that is what I take from this...You are a waffler.

Stephanie C Rfk



You own stock in a Chinese company? LMAO! Aren't you ridiculous!


"Large orders" ? I wouldn't send them a single pfennig.

I despise their pop-up ads every time I use the internet ; they look like cheap *** and organized click-baiting.

Then these pages are full of complaints ; read on. That company makes me want to hurl.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2425002

I hate their sleazy advertising. What a bunch of hooey.

Cheap Chinese *** Gimmicks.

A foreign invasion. Does it get worse ?

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2425002

I hate their popups. Where in the H did they come from all of a sudden ? Now they are everywhere, especially on this website of all places.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2435195

I, too, hate their pop up ads. Cheap sleazy junk photoshopped over altered phony models.

If the ads are fake, how about the goods ?

It looks like stuff from dirty movies back in the day of "adult" theaters. Let them peddle their third class crud off to their own people and stay out of America.


The commenter says my detailed ( talk to text excuse the run on sentences and lack of punctuation) Subjective evidence is opinion / objective is CLEAR EVIDENCE- I have STRICT DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE ~ and at THIS STAGE I’ve also ( with good faith belief due to my OWN way to catch what I’ve read on the web investigating them on the spyware and malware ) those allegations are TRUE ~ I with the idea from another set up an email that is untraceable ~ but it ALSO immediately rejects ANY emails embedded with SPYWARE or MALWARE- it REJECTED EVERY EMAIL from TEMU ( the reason was stated it had malware and spyware ) why CHINA wants to SPY on SO many people in the USA is worse than interesting.. it’s SCARY… in FACT - PRIOR to SETTING UP a specific email that is untraceable and detects spy ware and malware - another party had me login to THEIR APP from MY LOCATION ~ so EVEN THOUGH it WAS SOMEONE ELSE’S APP - it was automatically showing up as ME - and said HI to ME - now they STILL OWE ME thousands of dollars - since SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 I found their EXECUTIVE # and have hours and hours of RECORDED PHONE CALLS they AGREED to allowing ME RECORD - the ENTIRE recorded calls one is 3 hours long ~ they LED me to believe if we went through every item detailed I’d get my REFUND- I could send the FEW ITEMS I DID RECEIVE BACK WITH ONE SPECIAL PRINT LABLE - receive the REST of REFUNDS for ITEMS RETURNED PRIOR ( they claim not received - that THEOFARE NEW JERSEY ( the same and only one items get returned to ) but at the end of so many hours in the executive # they claim is NOT the executive # it’s a LIE - it IS the special # and it’s a fraud game ( scam ) this is further reason to believe what I in good faith believe they are restocking returns and selling them repeatedly - making 2 to 3 times the $ off each return and not refunding people claiming the items weren’t received - I want to be a top of the class litigant - I’ve investigated this fraud thoroughly and I’m a VICTIM of it.

* I have strict PROOF- that’s OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE- I OWNED STOCK in the COMPANY I HAVE NO REASON TO WANT IT TO FAIL - so the respondent here is attempting to discredit me for nefarious reasons - inside the business. Scam business.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2414821


Denetra Eyn
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2414821


Marsha B 121

Since you own stock in Temu? you should be able to refund my money that was taken without permission. 39.99

reply icon Replying to comment of Marsha B 121

Owning stock in company doesn’t make me the owner - research stock. A. Imoang is Publicly traded with a ticker symbol ( theirs is PDD holdings - if all you lost was near 10 $ consider yours winner.


Wow! You sound like my pathological liar of a Daughter, making all these things up.

No you don't own any stock, that's a huge lie and I seriously doubt that you have spent thousands with Temu! Ect.... I don't get the lies but we're all here for one thing, too complain about Temu, who should have their while site removed, they are taking advantage of everybody that gets in their app.

They just took 39.95 off of my master card debit card and don't want to own up to it or give my money back. But I have better things to do, rather than sit on here and write a novel of lies.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2411857

I bought it through robbinghood PDD holdings - watch out _ written is LIBEL - this company ( pissed consumer ) I would like you to gather this parties ISP information- if they don’t publicly apologize for calling me a liar ( I can prove everything I state ) as TRUTH- I’d like that media interview in person with all my evidence ~ I’m ready

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2414823

Written can be but is not necessarily libelous. Not if it is the truth. Lots of folks lose poorly advised libel suits.

Starlyn Hli
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2411857

You are way off base accusing me of lying. Dear pissed consumer - I’ve significant time here with detail and provide D my phone number to you as well as a Email address.

- since ALL you lost was as you say 39.95 - you’ve business here - move on you have nothing like nevgj complain or write detailed accounts if truthfully so I warn you to stop libeling in writing- malingering me a liar.

Watch yourself one more time I’ll requested are the site give me you contact I formation for a libel suit. Google it.

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